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Protect Your Property With High Quality Olympia Deck Cleaning

Deck Cleaning

Dowers Power Wash LLC is the number one provider of professional pressure washing in Olympia and the surrounding areas, and our deck cleaning service is the best in the business. If you own a home with a deck, it stands to reason that you'd want to use it when the weather is nice. Keeping your deck in prime condition ensures that it stays standing strong for years to come, and our service is an excellent place to start to achieve that goal!

Wood And Composite Deck Washing To Best Care For Your Deck Investment

Our professional deck cleaning service is the number one way to ensure maximum outdoor entertainment and relaxation for your Olympia area home. Decks are fantastic for relaxing and entertaining friends and family when the weather allows, but it can be difficult to do any of that if there are stains and substances bringing down the look and feel of your outdoor spaces. With our top of the line deck cleaning service, you can say goodbye to dirt, grime, and organic growth and hello to a fresh, clean deck that looks and feels absolutely amazing!

Interested in another one of our expert residential pressure washing services? If you want sparkling clean siding that looks and feels great all throughout the year, why not give our house washing service a try today?

Frequently Asked Deck Cleaning Questions

While pressure washing is a fantastic exterior cleaning solution for nearly any type of surface, the type of material does matter when it comes to the method used. More delicate materials cannot handle a high pressure wash, so a pro will adjust the settings to ensure a flawless clean without the risk of damage to your property.

The amount of pressure used for a deck cleaning service will be dependent on a few factors. First is the material used. Some decking materials are sturdier than others, while some will benefit far more from a soft washing method. The status and condition of your deck will also be considered, since an exterior surface that's older or damaged can't withstand a higher pressure wash.

If your deck is feeling unusually slippery, this is generally due to the presence of organic growth on the surface of your decking boards. This growth is usually algae, but it can also include substances such as mold and mildew. A professional deck cleaning will clean these stains and substances right up to help preserve the look and feel of your deck in no time at all!

Olympia Pressure Washing Experts

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