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Dowers Power Wash LLC: Trusted Patio Cleaning Specialists Serving Olympia Home And Business Owners

Patio Cleaning

Turn to the pressure washing pros here at Dowers Power Wash LLC for the highest quality patio cleaning service in Olympia and the surrounding areas. Professional exterior cleaning is one of the greatest tools you have at your disposal for the upkeep of your property, and when you choose to work with us, you're working with the very best in the industry. We'll help you keep all of your exterior surfaces looking and feeling their very best, so give us a call at 360-915-2493 today to get started!

High Quality Exterior Cleaning For Beautifully Clean Outdoor Entertainment Areas

Are you ready to upgrade your exterior maintenance routine with top of the line patio cleaning for your Olympia home or business? Patio cleaning is an excellent way to rid your patio of dirt, grime, and organic growth such as algae, mold, and mildew. Our service not only provides an instant boost in curb appeal—it also helps keep your patio safe, strong, and healthy for many more years to come.

Don't have a traditional patio? We also provide top notch deck cleaning to ensure that all of your outdoor entertainment spaces look and feel their very best!

Frequently Asked Patio Cleaning Questions

Like most exterior surfaces, you should schedule your home or business for professional patio cleaning at least once annually. Dirt, grime, and organic growth will inevitably accumulate throughout the year, and pressure washing is a great way to eliminate stains and substances in order to keep your patio in prime condition each and every day.

Even if you're not bothered by the look of dirt and grime, patio cleaning is essential for keeping your patio safe, healthy, and structurally sound. The presence of stains and substances can cause undue damage, deterioration, and decay, leading to the need for costly repairs and replacements much earlier than needed. With our service, you can enjoy a flawless look and feel for your patio without all the hassle of doing the work yourself!

Yes, our patio cleaning service is safe! We only use the best supplies, resources, and equipment on the market, meaning that you'll never have to worry about your property or the world around it when you choose to work with us. Our detergents are eco-friendly and won't cause any damage to your landscaping.

Olympia Pressure Washing Experts

Clean Your Surroundings With Our Olympia Pressure Washing Experts!